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4Sevens News - September 16, 2011
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Decibels Per Ounce

We're known for carving flashlights straight out of titanium, but this time we decided to make something a little... louder. Like, 100+ decibels louder.

That's right - we done carved us a titanium whistle. These whistles put out over 100+ dB of shrill, attention-getting, head-turning TWEEEEE! Yet, they are surprisingly compact and lightweight, weighing in at a feather-light 0.2 ounces!

These whistles are the perfect keychain accessory - elegant, beautifully crafted, and perfectly functional. Grab yours today!

Fun Gun Gear Review

Sootch00 grabbed a brief interview with 4Sevens founder and CEO, David Chow, and took a quick tour of the office. Check out this Youtube video for an exclusive look around our lumen lounge.

4Sevens iPadô App!

Our app is a live-updated version of our catalog that will be updated automatically as we roll out more product video and announcements! Check out the app store for more details and to download it.

Facebook Fans: New Stuff Give-Away

What's better than getting new stuff? Getting FREE new stuff! Every time we release a new flashlight - or in this case, a whistle! - we randomly select Facebook Fans to each receive one free! So if you aren't a fan already, become a 4Sevens Facebook Fan today!

Congratulations to our five wonderful whistle winners:

  • Ted C.
  • Jay J.
  • Tobias W.
  • Brandon N.
  • Paul J.

Come see us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest news, sales, and first dibs on new flashlights!
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