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4Sevens News - September 07, 2011
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50% Brighter, 50% Wider

We're announcing four newcomers to our extremely popular Quark ''X'' series: our Quark X AA² and our Quark X 123² in both our regular and tactical interfaces!

Our ''X'' series proudly feature CREE's latest XM-L emitters. We started with the world's first XM-L flashlight, our very own pocket-rocket, the MiNi X 123. We then stepped it up again with our Quark 123˛ Turbo X. Now, we're delivering more lumen firepower in our new Quark X AA˛ and Quark X 123˛ models!

Why XM-L?

CREE's XM-L is a bigger (and more efficient at higher currents) LED than their XP-G and can be driven much harder due to its breakthrough packaging. Simply put, the XM-L's bigger die puts out more 'volume' of light (for you automotive types, this is similar to the torque-versus-horsepower concept), and when we swap it in place of an XP-G, it creates a wider hotspot as well to help reduce tunnel-vision.

Because the XM-L is a much more efficient LED, it puts out over 50% more light when driven at our max output! So what's the real numbers? How about a Quark X 123˛ that puts out up to 360 out-the-front lumens? Or the Quark X AA˛ - just two alkaline AA batteries putting out 280 out-the-front lumens on max? That's the power of the XM-L!

Be sure to check out these new XM-L models as well as the rest of our ''X'' series line-up!

Facebook Fans: New Stuff Give-Away

What's better than getting new stuff? Getting FREE new stuff! Every time we release a new flashlight, we randomly select Facebook Fans to each receive one free! So if you aren't a fan already, become a 4Sevens Facebook Fan today!

Since we've recently released the Maelstrom S18, and we just released the four new Quark X models, these five lucky Facebook Fans are receiving free stuff:

  • Jani T. - Quark X 123˛
  • James L. - Quark X 123˛ Tactical
  • Dan H. - Quark X AA˛
  • Bill B. - Quark X AA˛ Tactical
  • Cassandra G. - Maelstrom S18

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