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4Sevens News - November 12, 2010
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4Sevens Quark MiNi AA2

Around this time each year we’re asked one question the most: what is our coolest, yet most affordable, pocket flashlight? This year, the answer is unanimous:

4Sevens' Quark MiNi AA²!

In the world of super bright pocket lights, it doesn’t get any better than the MiNi AA²:

It weighs just 1 ounce, but puts out a whopping 180 lumens! It has a sturdy integrated clip designed to tuck down flush in your pocket, but it’s still shorter than a ballpoint pen. It runs off just two AA batteries, but it’ll run continuously on low for 3.4 days!

And now it’s only $43 $39!

Grab your Quark MiNi AA² today at 4Sevens.com, where shipping is always free!

S2 Editions Arriving

Our new limited-edition models are steadily rolling in! We've now got the following S2 editions in stock:

Maelstrom G5 Sale!

Price slash on R5 edition Maelstrom G5! Steal one today for only $149.95 $119.95!

Fenix Special Edition LD01 – Stainless Steel, R5 Emitter

Fenix is offering a very special limited edition LD01 for the holiday season. Made from beautiful polish stainless steel, this special edition LD01 features a brighter R5 emitter that’s rated for a maximum output of 77 lumens.

The stainless steel LD01 was only produced in limited quantities, so order now – once they’re sold out, they’re gone!

Lumen Tales

Today’s lumen tale comes from Jeffrey in Pennsylvania. Jeffrey was attending his son’s Cub Scout Columbus Day activities when his family – and about 10 other families – found themselves stuck in the dark when they were trying to enjoy their delicious hotdog roast! Thankfully, Jeffrey practiced the Scouts motto of, “Be Prepared” and used his Quark flashlight to save the day – er, night! Click here to read his full story!

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