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4Sevens News - November 07, 2010
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4Sevens Maelstrom G5 Remote Switches

Maelstrom G5 Remote Switches

4Sevens is excited to announce an accessory as revolutionary as our flashlights themselves - the Maelstrom G5 digital remote tailswitch! What makes this remote switch so unique is that it’s fully digital. This allows for the remote switch to provide not just hundreds of uses, but to continue working after even 100,000 actuations! No other flashlight remote switch comes close!

We’ve exhaustively tested the G5’s remote tailswitch, and in addition to its reliability, we’ve also given it the perfect “touch” – not too stiff, yet not too sensitive. If you’ve been looking for a remote switch for your Maelstrom G5, this is it. There’s none better.

Both short (straight) and long (curled) remote switches are in stock and ready to ship, so be sure to get yours today!

Maelstrom G5 Remote Switch, Curled

Maelstrom G5 Remote Switch, Straight

New Maelstrom G5 Textured Reflector

Due to many requests from our customers, we decided to manufacture “textured” reflectors for our very popular Maelstrom G5. These textured reflectors will soften the hotspot, providing you with better peripheral lighting while sacrificing minimal distance, or “throw.” What’s more, these reflectors are a cinch to install – they swap right out and drop right in!

Maelstrom G5 Textured Reflector

The remote switch also uses our patent-pending secure battery design.

Fenix Special Edition LD01 – Stainless Steel, R5 Emitter

Fenix is offering a very special limited edition LD01 for the holiday season. Made from beautiful polish stainless steel, this special edition LD01 features a brighter R5 emitter that’s rated for a maximum output of 77 lumens.

The stainless steel LD01 was only produced in limited quantities, so order now – once they’re sold out, they’re gone!

Lumen Tales

Last week, we asked you to send in your “lumen tales” of how a flashlight came to the rescue or helped you in a pinch. We received an overwhelming number of great submissions – thank you! We’ll feature one today and continue featuring at least one every week. Today’s lumen tale comes from Andrew in Transylvania. Andrew and his friend narrowly escaped an encounter with a pack of enormous wild dogs, thanks to the awesome flashlight he picked up from 4Sevens. Click here to read his full story!

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