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4Sevens - Redefining the Flashlight *MONTH *DAY  2009
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NITECORE SALE: Discount codes valid until 10/15/09
Nitecore lights Special Edition Splash-Anodized
  These Nitecore lights 30% off with code!
Flashlights on sale with NITECORE30 code:
SR3   –   D20 (Q5)   –   EZ 123 (Q5)   –   EZ CR2 (Q5)
Flashlights on sale with NITECORE25 code:
Defender Infinity (Q5)  –   D10 (Q5)  –  EX10 (Q5)  –   EZ AA (Q5)  –  EZ 123 (Neutral-white)  –   EZ AA (Neutral-white)  –   EZ CR2 (Neutral-white)
These Nitecore lights 25% off with code!  
  These Nitecore lights 15% off with code!
Flashlights on sale with NITECORE15 code:
EX10 (R2)   –   Special-Edition Splash Anodized
Brand New Products at the 4Sevens store:
  *Pre-Order, Ships 10/23* Olight M20 & Titanium AAA Christmas Set
With the holidays around the corner, Olight has offered an amazing deal for your gift-giving pleasure - the M20 Warrior & Titanium AAA Christmas Set!  –  $99.95
  Zebralight H60w Headlamp, Neutral-White
The ZebraLight H60w is a high performance all aluminum headlamp with a warm white tint LED. Powered with one 18650 battery.  –  $100.00
  Zebralight H501w Headlamp, Neutral-White
The ZebraLight H501w: Powered with one AA size battery, the H501w can produce a maximum of 80 Lumens of smooth flood light. Uses a warm white tint LED.  –  $80.00
  TIABLO Red & Yellow Filters
Tiablo's new Red and Yellow Filters fit the A7 flashlight.  –  $15.00 each
  Tiablo TL-1 IDC
The Tiablo TL-1 IDC has arrived - updated from the first Tiablo TL-1!  –  $59.00
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