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4Sevens News - March 11, 2011
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Care for your 4Sevens

Care and Feeding of your 4Sevens

Your 4Sevens flashlight is a strong, versatile tool. It expects you to use it, even abuse it. Just remember to show it a little T.L.C. from time to time. It's very easy and quick to do. Follow these three great tips keep your 4Sevens flashlight shining for decades to come.

1. Use Quality Batteries - Great flashlights need great batteries. Be sure you're using quality brands, like the Duracell and 4Sevens batteries we include with our AA and CR123A flashlights. This will ensure you get top outputs and maximum runtimes.

2. Keep Those Threads Clean - Our square threading set a trend in the industry because of how reliable, smooth, and durable they are. Cleaning them takes about 10 seconds, just wipe them down with a paper towel and a little rubbing alcohol. Clean the threads about once a month, or more often if you are a heavy/daily user.

3. Moisten Those O-rings - O-rings keep out bad things like dust and liquid. To do their job properly, they have to be clean and lightly lubricated to prevent dryness and cracking. We recommend something like our DeoxIT Red (see right) to lubricate the o-rings. Just one tiny drop is all you need once a month.

Have You Seen My Flashlight?

We received an email from a NASA employee and fellow flashaholic stating that "Lost Flashlight" signs were posted all around the first floor of his building. Upon closer inspection, he realized that the flashlight in the sign was none other than our own Quark 123² Turbo!

Lost Flashlight at NASA Lost Flashlight at NASA

We have to say, we'd do the same thing if we lost one of ours!

Facebook Fans: New Stuff FREE Give-Away

What's better than getting new stuff? Getting FREE new stuff! If you remember from our previous newsletter, every time we release a new flashlight, we're going to randomly select two 4Sevens Facebook Fans to each receive one free! So if you aren't a fan already, become a 4Sevens Facebook Fan today!

We aren't saying anything is definite, but rumor has it that there might be a new 4Sevens flashlight around the corner, so you had better become a Facebook Fan right now. Actually, the rumor says there might be more than one, but who believes rumors, right?

(we do)

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