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4Sevens News - July 22, 2011
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The Maelstrom Continues!

The new 4Sevens Maelstrom X10 is here!

The Maelstrom X10 utilizes the ultra-compact, unexpectedly lightweight form factor of our Maelstrom S12, and produces an amazing 640 out-the-front lumens using CREE's latest XM-L emitter!


The XM-L emitter in the X10 is CREE's latest LED technology, showcasing higher efficiency levels in a small package. Since the XM-L is physically smaller in size than the SST-90 emitter found in our Maelstrom S12, this gives the X10 a more ''focused'' beam spot, letting you see farther, even with fewer lumens!

Dependable and Intuitive

The Maelstrom X10 features the current and thermal regulation found in our S12. This means it can take serious abuse and be exposed to harsh conditions, but it will automatically control its output to protect its own guts. That means you don't worry about your light - you just use it.

The X10 is also powered by the same 26650 lithium-ion rechargeable battery used by the S12. But, the X10 will run for even longer - 1.8 hours on High!

And, finally, the X10 uses the intuitive interface found on our S12 - a simple pressure plate tailcap that gives you the option of momentary activation, locking it on, or locking it off.

Limited X10 26650 Battery

With the release of the Maelstrom X10, we are offering a limited quantity of X10-only 26650 batteries (see right). These 26650 batteries are only compatible with the X10 (not the S12), and are more affordable as well - just $12.95! But we've only a limited quantity available, so be sure to get yours right away!

Maelstrom X10 Battery

Facebook Fans: New Stuff Give-Away

What's better than getting new stuff? Getting FREE new stuff! Every time we release a new flashlight, we randomly select two Facebook Fans to each receive one free! So if you aren't a fan already, become a 4Sevens Facebook Fan today!

Since we've just released the Maelstrom X10, these two lucky Facebook Fans are each receiving one absolutely free:

  • Lasse S.
  • Brett C.

Facebook Fan Giveaway

Last newsletter, we said we were going to select FIVE lucky Facebook Fans to each receive a free Preon 1 Titanium flashlight. Congratulations to our winners!

  • Arsène P.
  • Harrison P.
  • Julie W. P.
  • Jesse S.
  • Kathleen T. K.

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