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4Sevens News - February 01, 2011
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Maelstrom S12 is Here!

2011 - The Year of the Maelstrom

One year ago, we announced that we were designing an ultra compact, fits-in-your-hand tactical flashlight that would offer several hundred lumens, be thermally regulated, and run off one rechargeable battery.

People called us crazy. They said we couldn't pack that much punch in such a small package. We told them they were probably right - and then we did it anyway.

It's finally here - the Maelstrom S12, packing 800 lumens of hand-held fury!


The S12 is the new benchmark for ultra compact, insanely bright tactical and duty flashlights. It is the smallest flashlight in the world to use the SST-90 emitter.

It features both current and thermal regulation - this means it can take serious abuse and be exposed to harsh conditions, but it will automatically control its output to protect its own guts. That means you don't worry about your light - you just use it.

The S12 also runs off one of our own special lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. It's called a 26650, and it packs enough energy to power the S12 at 800 lumens for an entire 90 minutes.


Using the S12 is simple. The tailcap contains a pressure plate - tighten the tailcap all the way, and the light turns on. Loosen the tailcap, and you can press the plate forward for momentary activation. Loosen the tailcap further, and the S12 is locked off to prevent accidental activation.

Since the S12 is a dedicated duty light, it also needs to be versatile. It has a lower secondary mode that's easy to access - a quick off/on and you're down to 120 lumens for up to 13 hours.

Maelstrom S12, Special Edition

To commemorate the release of the Maelstrom S12, we are offering a very limited number of special edition S12 models. These special editions feature a solid copper core in the head for improved heatsinking. The copper is also plated with real gold to protect it and provide a gorgeous contrasting exterior.

These special editions are strictly first-come, first-served, and we have fewer than 100 available! So don't wait - click here for more information and to purchase one before they are gone.

Facebook Fans: New Stuff Give-Away

What's better than getting new stuff? Getting FREE new stuff! From here out, every time we release a new flashlight, we're going to randomly select two 4Sevens Facebook Fans to each receive one free! So if you aren't a fan already, become a 4Sevens Facebook Fan today!

We've just released two new models, the MiniX 123 and the Maelstrom S12. So we randomly chose FOUR Facebook Fans!

MiniX 123

  • Jonathan S.
  • Jason B. M.

Maelstrom S12

  • Sam B.
  • Jake W. W.

Facebook Fan Winners

As announced earlier, each week we will be giving away two FREE MiNi AA Titanium flashlights to two random 4Sevens Facebook Fans! Congratulations to this week's winners:

  • Andrew H.
  • Jason M.

If you aren't a fan yet, then become a 4Sevens Facebook Fan today!

Lumen Tales

Today’s lumen tale comes Dustin in California. Dustin was ice fishing one evening in the Sierra Nevada mountains and decided to pack it in and head back to town. However, when he tried to leave in his truck, he realized his headlights weren't working. With nightfall fast approaching, snowy slopes, and below-freezing temperatures, Dustin was facing imminent danger. Thankfully, his 4Sevens flashlight saved the day - and, quite possibly, his life! Click here to read his full story!

Do you have a story about how your flashlight came to the rescue?

Email us at info@4Sevens.com and tell us about it. We'll choose one of your stories to publish in our next newsletter!

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