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4Sevens News - December 3, 2010
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4Sevens Titanium S3 Editions

Satin-finish Titanium S3 Editions

Let's cut right to the chase: we just got the world's first XP-G S3 emitters, and we just put them in the world's best flashlights - ours!

Yes, we've acquired a very small quantity of XP-G S3 LEDs - way fewer than even our S2 LEDs! We've decided to put these super rare S3s in two very attractive, very special holiday models - our satin-finish Titanium MiNi 123 and Titanium Turbo 123²!

Both of these special editions are available for pre-order right now, and only while these limited supplies last! Click the following links to view and purchase:

Quark Turbo 123² Satin Titanium, S3 Edition
Quark MiNi 123 Satin Titanium, S3 Edition

Black Friday Sale Extended!

We received several reports that some of you missed our Black Friday sales due to what can only be described as 'turkey-induced slumber.' Others still said they experienced what's called 'super-shopper paralysis.' We can certainly sympathize, and that's why we've decided to extend our Black Friday R5-edition discounts!

For a few more days, we'll keep the prices down and give everyone a chance to pick up those last-minute gifts for the holidays. But, hurry - several of our discounted R5 editions have already run out! See available models below:

Flashlights 10% Off

Flashlights 20% Off

Turbo S3 Titanium

MiNi S3 123 Titanium

Maelstrom G5 & Accessories
Maelstrom G5
- shown with optional weapons mount and remote pressure tailswitch
Now just $149.95 $95.95!

Quark 123²
Quark 123²
- now just $69.00 $62.10!

Preon 1 on sale, all colors!

*Even though we recently reduced the G5 R5 by 20%, we're doing it again! That's right - another 20% off! Get your G5 R5 right now - just $95.95!

Early Bird Give-Away Winners

Congratulations to our five early bird give-away winners! Each of you will be receiving a FREE MiNi AA Titanium flashlight!

  • John S. - Virginia
  • John K. - Texas
  • Jeffrey W. - North Carolina
  • Olaf K. - Germany
  • Richard E. - Florida

Facebook Fan Winners

As announced last week, each week we will be giving away two FREE MiNi AA Titanium flashlights to two random 4Sevens Facebook Fans! Congratulations to this week's winners:

  • Jordan F.
  • Chuck W.

If you aren't a fan yet, then become a 4Sevens Facebook Fan today!

Lumen Tales

Today's lumen tale comes from Bill in Washington. Bill and his team were shooting a night scene for a film and found themselves just shy of enough extension cables to reach the scene of the shoot. Even the best cameras cannot substitute for adequate lighting. But, Bill was prepared - his flashlight provided perfect lighting for the shoot! Click here to read his full story!

Do you have a story about how your flashlight came to the rescue?
Email us at info@4Sevens.com and tell us about it. We'll choose one of your stories to publish in our next newsletter!

Holiday Gift-Giving Guide

Are you concerned that you might not get the flashlight you want? Then make sure that your friends and family read our gift guide at http://www.4sevens.com/Gifts - it's the thought that counts, but there's nothing wrong with a little gift-giving guidance!
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