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4Sevens News - December 23, 2010
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Happy Holidays from 4Sevens!

Happy Holidays from 4Sevens!

We love this time of year - the nights are longer, the weather's colder, and everyone is exchanging gifts and cheer! It's the perfect time of year to be a flashaholic!

Longer nights? More flashlights! Cold hands? More flashlights! (try it for yourself, our little lights make excellent mitten warmers!) Exchanging gifts? ...more flashlights!

Okay, maybe we get a little carried away.

What we really want to say, from the bottom of our shining hearts, is that we thank all of you for helping us realize our best year yet! Thanks to all of your support, we've been able to make some of the brightest, coolest flashlights in the world. And we're more excited than ever to roll into the new year, because we've got even more great lights on the drawing board!

Happy Holidays!

Preon ReVO, S2 Editions

Our stunning, silvery Stainless Steel ReVO is now the happy home of CREE's latest XP-G S2 emitter! Compared to the original ReVO's XP-E R2 emitter, the XP-G S2 is roughly 28% brighter across all modes! On high mode, it puts out just over 100 lumens of fully regulated light - incredible!

Facebook Fan Winners

As announced earlier, each week we will be giving away two FREE MiNi AA Titanium flashlights to two random 4Sevens Facebook Fans! This week, we're giving away four... because we missed last week! Congratulations to both weeks' winners:

  • Rupesh K.
  • Ken T.
  • Nicholas C.
  • Robert H. H.

If you aren't a fan yet, then become a 4Sevens Facebook Fan today!

Lumen Tales

Today’s lumen tale comes Phil in Iowa. It was wedding day - Phil's! - and when it came time for the vows to be read, the ambient lighting, although romantic and charming, was just a little too low for reading. By total chance (suuure, Phil! :) ) he had purchased flashlights for each of his groomsmen! Click here to read his full story!

Do you have a story about how your flashlight came to the rescue?

Email us at info@4Sevens.com and tell us about it. We'll choose one of your stories to publish in our next newsletter!

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