4Sevens: Redefining the Flashlight

Batteries4Life FAQ

What is Batteries4Life?
Batteries4Life is a new service from 4Sevens.com that allows you to regularly receive hard-to-find batteries for certain 4Sevens flashlights.

How long will I receive batteries for each flashlight?
Five (5) batteries will be sent at your purchased frequency for two (2) years.

Can I give a 4Sevens Flashlight with Batteries4Life as a gift?
Yes, each flashlight purchased with the service will have a separate address and email address assigned to it. Change the email address and shipping address to the information for the gift's recipient and we'll handle the rest!

What 4Sevens Flashlights include Batteries4Life?
Currently we are only offering this service with the Quark Mini CR2 Titanium.

How do I sign up?
Simply purchase one of the flashlights for which the service is offered. Depending on the frequency selected we will contact you via email to confirm your email address and shipping address. Once we receive your confirmation we will ship your batteries to you.

Can I waive the requirement to confirm my email and address before each shipment?
No, we require an up-to-date email and address before shipping. This helps us keep costs down and ensure that your batteries reach you.

How many times can I change my shipping address?
For customers in the United States, shipping addresses may be changed as many times as necessary.
For international customers, shipping addresses may only be changed twice due to shipping costs.

Can I just order the service separately?
No, we are only offering Batteries4Life with the purchase of specific 4Sevens brand flashlights.

Do you ship Batteries4Life to US Military mail addresses?

Batteries4Life Terms of Service

1. Scope
These General Terms of Services shall govern the processing and shipping of batteries for the Batteries4Life service to the Customer.

2. Value of Service
A Batteries4Life subscription shall be valued at 1/10 of one cent USD. A battery received from a Batteries4Life subscription shall be valued at 1/10 of one cent USD. By accepting these Terms the Customer and/or Representatives agrees to the above valuations.

3. Service execution
All offers made by 4Sevens, LLC are non-binding. A contract between the customer and 4Sevens, LLC becomes effective only after the customer has placed an order and 4Sevens, LLC has accepted it. The Customer generates his order online by completing the order process provided by 4Sevens, LLC on its website http://www.4sevens.com. The Customer by placing their order containing a product with the Batteries4Life subscription agrees to these Terms. 4Sevens, LLC signifies its acceptance of the order by delivering some or all of the products specified in it. 4Sevens, LLC reserves the right to cancel an order or subscription without notice. 4Sevens, LLC may include marketing materials with items shipped.

4. Refunds
Any subscription purchased under the Batteries4Life service is not eligible for a refund. Any battery received from a Batteries4Life is not eligible for a refund.

5. Delivery
Deliveries are made from the 4Sevens, LLC warehouse(s). Any delivery periods or delivery dates specified by 4Sevens, LLC are not binding. Articles ordered by subscription are delivered in several partial shipments at the frequency purchased. Shipments will not be made if the Customer fails to confirm both their email address and shipping address whenever requested by 4Sevens, LLC. If the customer refuses to accept deliveries, 4Sevens, LLC may, at its sole discretion, withdraw from the subscriptions at that address.

6. Transfer of ownership
Batteries remain the property of 4Sevens, LLC until shipped to the Customer. Until the duration of the interval of the subscription has elapsed no additional batteries shall be shipped. 4Sevens, LLC reserves the right to combine or accelerate shipments. Subscriptions where the initial delivery address is outside of the United States of America may only change their Batteries4Life subscription address country two (2) times. 4Sevens, LLC reserves the right to cancel a subscription or refuse to ship to a new address solely at their discretion. Subscriptions shall not be resold and are nontransferable.

7. Payment / shipping costs
Payment shall be made by the Customer at time of purchase. Once an order has been accepted 4Sevens, LLC agrees to cover all future shipping costs .

8. Prices
4Sevens, LLC reserves the right to raise the future price of the Batteries4Life service. Price changes shall not be applied retroactively to past purchases.

9. Unconfirmed Accounts
4Sevens, LLC shall request confirmation of a valid email address and a valid shipping address to the Customer before shipping batteries under the Batteries4Life service. Confirmation requests will only be sent via email. It is the responsibility of the Customer to update the email address of their account. Subscriptions shall expire 2 years after the purchase date.

10. Returned items
Any battery received from a Batteries4Life is not eligible for a return.

11. Data protection
Any personal data collected shall be protected as detailed in the Privacy Policy.

12. Waiver of Liabilities
4Sevens, LLC shall not be held liable for any damage to persons or properties caused by items shipped under the Batteries4Life service. By accepting these terms the Customer assumes all risk and liability due to improper or unreasonable use the batteries and/or flashlights by themselves, other persons, or animals. The Customer shall use all batteries at their own risk.

13. Other rights reserved by 4Sevens, LLC
4Sevens, LLC reserves the right to change, modify, add, or delete the above terms. Such actions shall in no way invalidate these Terms.