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4Sevens News - August 01, 2011
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The Biggest, Brightest Maelstrom Yet

The Maelstrom S18 is a veritable hand-held spotlight that features 4Sevens' unique thermal regulation and a blistering high output of 1200 OTF lumens. The S18 is unlike any flashlight out there, utilizing innovative design technology to provide the versatility and dependability you've come to trust in a 4Sevens flashlight.

S18 Innovative Technology

Current Regulation: Current regulation means that the S18 intelligently controls the power being drawn from your batteries, giving you consistent output while fully using every last drop of energy available. Current regulation provides dependable outputs and runtimes while eliminating needless battery waste.

Thermal Regulation: The S18 features our unique thermal regulation. This means it can take serious abuse and be exposed to harsh conditions, but it will automatically control its output to protect its own guts. That means you don't worry about your light - you just use it.

Momentary Click Switch: Most flashlights are activated with an on/off button. However, a tactical flashlight also needs a momentary-on function. The S18 gives you both - begin to press the tailcap button and the S18 immediately fires up. Release the pressure, and it immediately shuts off. Press the button fully until it clicks, and it'll stay on until you click it off.

Rotating Mode Selector: Choosing which output mode you want should be simple and intuitive. That's why the S18 has a straightforward rotating selector in the tailcap. Clearly engraved mode icons immediately show which mode you're in, and selecting a different mode is as easy as rotating the tail. A firm, sure 'click' lets you know when the next mode is selected.

SST-90 LED: We only use the absolute latest cutting-edge LED technology in our flashlights, and the Maelstrom S18 is no exception. It features the 'SST-90' LED, a luminous giant of efficiency and output, providing 1200 OTF lumens on high mode.

Smart Circuit for Rechargeable Batteries: Many flashlights are able to use standard single-use 3-volt CR123A batteries, but few can use the more powerful, rechargeable 3.7-volt RCR123A batteries without causing permanent internal damage. The Maelstrom S18 is one of those few - it runs flawlessly even when using six rechargeable 3.7-volt RCR123A batteries.

Reverse-Polarity Protection: The S18's battery carrier provides reverse-polarity protection, so even if you accidentally put the batteries in reverse, nothing will be damaged. So even if you're swapping batteries in the dark, you've peace of mind that you simply can't hurt the S18.

Each S18 comes with a compact hardcase

Reverse-polarity protection

Intuitive mode selection

Rattle-free, built-in battery holder

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