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November 3rd, 2011

I was leaving my gf's house at about 1:30 in the morning. I was riding my bike out of the complex when I noticed about 6 people standing around outside a house that had its smoke alarms going off like mad, so I went closer and asked if they knew if people were in the house. They didn't know. I asked if anyone had called the fire dep. and they said that they were waiting to see smoke to make sure it wasn't a false alarm or something. Finally, smoke started to come out of an upstairs window (about 5-7 min later) and they went to go and make the call.

I asked if anyone had checked the doors and windows - they said they were all locked. I suggested that we break a window to make sure that no one was inside. They said ok and we ran to the window closest to the front door. I pulled the Quark AA² from my pocket and looked for the locks. There were 2, one at the top the other at the bottom of the window. After 8-10 very hard strikes against the dual pane window, I was in. I unlocked the front door so that the maintenance guys could get their water hoses in, and the downstairs was thick with smoke.

I checked all the downstairs rooms and didn't find anyone so I checked upstairs and found a guy sleeping (I'm a hard sleeper but I don't know how you sleep through 4 different smoke alarms at the same time). 'Please don't be dead' I thought. I went into the smokey room and woke him up, with a huge sigh of relief, and got him outta the house. He was a bit confused and dizzy on the way out but once he got into the fresh air outside he was fine after a few minutes.

By the time the fire dep. got there the whole thing was taken care of. The flashlight performed its duty flawlessly even after all of those hard strikes - no chips or cracks in the glass, dents or bends in the body or head of the light, functions completely normal, still almost as bright as I bought it a year and a half ago, it's been dropped quite a few times. So thank you for making quality products that help save lives!


July 08, 2011

My wife and I were recently in Mexico. We were driving a borrowed car that was "quite well used." After going to a celebration in a nearby town, we were driving back to our home base on the highway. Night had fallen, and although the car's headlights were a bit dim, were were able to see without much difficulty.

On hitting a particularly dark stretch of highway, both the dashboard lights and the headlights suddenly went black - not a good thing on a Mexican highway at 50mph. It is a rare occurrence that I am without a primary light, in this case it was my P2D. I was able to quickly deploy the light from its belt holster, switch it to turbo mode, point it out the passenger window and light the highway in front of us (better than the headlights had previously done). After that, I was able to get my turquoise colored photon out to illuminate the dashboard. We made it back without a further incident.

I am often glad that I have a flashlight on me. This time it was quite possibly a life saver!


February 17, 2011

I am a computer tech for a university in Tampa. The university hired me and a couple other guys to help the co-eds get their computers prepared to enter into the school's network. We were also available to offer full, free technical support for the students and staff. The university requires computers to have a security key and proper antivirus software to be allowed on the school's network.

On one of the days when the students were donating blood, a young lady donor had passed out while walking, and she hit her head on the concrete just outside the cafeteria. The campus paramedics laid her on a couch next to our tech department table, and they were frantically searching for a flashlight.

Lucky for her, I was able to hand over my 4Sevens Quark to the paramedics so they could check for signs of a concussion. Thankfully, she showed no signs of concussion and regained her strength a few hours later. The paramedics thanked me and even complimented the quality of the light.


February 01, 2011

Several months ago I purchased a Quark AA^2 Tactical. It was the first LED Flashlight I had ever purchased, and it seemed that 4Sevens was the kind of company I wanted to do business with.

Well, last week I went Ice Fishing in a remote area of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Unfortunately, I had gotten a late start and no fish were biting. By the time I was all packed up It was after 5PM and the sun was well on it's way setting. It's actually amazing how fast it gets dark; but, it's not the first time I've been alone in the mountains at night before.

When I finally got to my truck and started it, I immediately realized my headlights were not working. I spent a few minutes trying to diagnose the issue, but no luck. For an instant I had panicked thoughts race though my mind - no serious survival gear (I had gotten a late start and was less prepared than usual), snow all over and steep mountain sides so you can't just drive in the dark, it's well below freezing and starting to snow, I'm at least 15 miles from the nearest major road, and so on. I then remembered I had my Quark AA^2 Tactical in my cargo pocket.

I rolled down the window, and shined the flashlight outside on High. It illuminated the area and immediately calmed me down because I knew I could drive out with this light.

I then spent the next 3 and 1/2 hours driving through the snow with my Quark AA^2 Tactical in my hand and lighting my way back to civilization. Probably the most impressive thing was that, my Quark flashlight did a better job lighting the roadway than my headlights do.

I feel that my 4Sevens Quark flashlight may have saved my life last week. I am so thankful that for the last 7+ months I've been carrying around this light.


December 23rd, 2010

I purchased 10 of your flashlights for my groomsmen as gifts at my wedding. During the service, when it came time to read our vows, because of the low light it was hard for the official to see our written vows.

Immediately, a groomsman pulled out his flashlight and the official was able to finish the vows without a hitch. What was cool about it is the flashlight looked like a small, directed candle - and matched the surrounding ambient light perfectly!

My bride-to-be was more than happy that I had given those lights as part of my groomsmen's gifts! Preparedness is a responsibility, and I feel much more prepared whenever I go anywhere with my flashlight!

Needless to say, my wife wanted one of your more powerful lights for herself - and she carries it everywhere she goes!


December 10th, 2010

It was a regular day in the dental clinic, just going through the daily grind of working on patients. We were just finishing up the day and one patient was left with the associate dentist who was doing a third molar extraction.

The office lights flickered a bit but no one gave it much thought. Fifteen minutes later, the lights completely shut off. The clinic is next to a big box store which, turns out, had somehow overloaded the power grid in our area, causing the total black out.

Our associate was still not finished with the extraction. One assistant brought out the 2 D-cell flashlight the office had to use for illumination. The power, at best, was anemic. He was about to suture it up and have the patient reschedule for tomorrow when I brought the single AA out. It blew the 2 D-cell out of the water! We were able to finish the extraction in a timely manner and dismissed the patient.

The associate was so impressed with the output and form factor of my light that he decided to get one for himself. Not only did my flashlight save the day, it made a convert of him!


December 3rd, 2010

We were in the middle of a night shoot for a feature-length kids film. The actors and crew were ready for the "commandos sneak up" scene, and that’s when we discovered we didn’t have enough "stingers" (film talk for "extension cord") to reach our location!

No power: no lights!

The camera, operated by crew member John, was sensitive enough for low-light... but, not for NO-light! We had thirty people standing around, frustrated, feeling useless.

But, I had the solution in my pocket - 135 lumens, powered by three CR123 batteries. We feathered the beam across the actors, three-quarter backlighting them for a night-time effect, bouncing the hotspot off a 4x4-foot white card to three-quarter backlight them from the other side, and to get a little fill light for the camera.

Our footage was stellar. We couldn’t have captured better if we’d planned it. And it isn’t the last time we pressed my mere ‘flashlight’ into service - augmenting lighting for a scene, saving scads of money in time and resources, and facilitating and speeding up production, where time is money.

My flashlight is an essential, key element in my daily ‘toolkit’.

Woodinville, WA

November 24th, 2010

While dining at a windowless restaurant one night in California, we experienced a power blackout. All the lights went off, even the emergency lights on the exit signs. The humming of machines in the back stopped, and all of the restaurant's patrons were left in pitch blackness.

A man a few tables over pulled out a lighter and tried to use it to illuminate the area. But, I one-upped him: 265 lumens in Turbo mode, aimed at the ceiling. It was more than sufficient lighting to illuminate the entire dining room floor. When they saw it, the other customers cheered as they were able to return to their meals. I received thanks from several customers and employees, and the power finally came back on before my batteries died - though it wouldn't have been a problem otherwise, as I was carrying spares!

Portland, OR

November 18th, 2010

People who carry more than a wallet, keys, and phone are regularly criticized by those who are less prepared. Lots of folks can't fathom carrying around a flashlight all the time, let alone a multitool, knife or handgun.

My lumen tale is incredibly boring, but very useful for demonstrating that tools of preparedness are useful in common situations. No criminals in dark alleys were involved; no attacking animals; nothing needed emergency repair in an awkward location.

I had just purchased a couple compact flashlights. I hadn't been someone to carry a flashlight regularly, but I was going to give it a try with the new lightweight compact light.

Just days after receiving it, our family attended a friend's wedding. It was a gloomy, overcast day and the wedding was being held indoors at an old mansion out in the country. Partway into the ceremony, fuses blew in the house, turning off the lights. We were in an upstairs great room with enough windows to finish the ceremony without problems.

However, afterward, the maintenance staff still hadn't fixed the electrical issues, and the reception began with dimming daylight supplemented with candle light. Unfortunately, the restrooms were down long, dark halls and had no windows. Sure, adults could bump their way along and feel their way around a dark bathroom to take care of business. But I had a 4-year-old with me.

No problem. Out came the flashlight, providing ample light to navigate the potty break and keep the little one from being scared. After taking care of his business, I stood by socializing with another wedding guest at the end of the hall and lending my light source to those who didn't want to risk banging shins or falling in the toilet. My new tool was very popular that afternoon.

Twin Cities, MN

November 12th, 2010

Recently, my family and I attended an event with my son's new Cub Scout pack. The event consisted of a corn maze, a hay ride, and a hotdog roast on Columbus Day. As the first two activities came to an end, so did the daylight. The farm where the event was at had some large white pavilion tents set up over the picnic tables (the tents were about 10' x 40').

With the Boy Scouts, the motto is usually "Be Prepared"; however, I guess this does not always apply to Cub Scout families! It seemed that no one realized that lighting wasn't supplied for the second tent. Thankfully, I happened to have my AA² Quark Tactical on me at the time. Actually, I had just recieved it in the mail the week before! I set it to the max setting and lashed it to one of the poles of the tent.

The white color and reflectivity of the tent material were just perfect, and the single light was able to provide amazing light for the whole area under the tent, for all 10-15 families using it! The 80-minute runtime estimation was quite accurate, and luckily I had spare batteries with me. We had just enough light to finish up the evening.

Another event saved by good preparation - and the right tool for the job! Thanks guys!


November 7th, 2010

I live in the Carpathian Mountains, in small a city where outdoor activities are a way of life. One late evening a few days ago, my friend and I went 4x4 off-roading in the mountains. Our destination was the summit, and we arrived after the sun had set and had to return home on a wicked path where the grade was steep and obstacles were dangerous for any motor vehicle. A short ways down the steep path, we had to stop at a huge fallen tree because we had no chainsaw or ax with us. We had to leave the car parked there and hike home before it got cold. Also, our families were outraged because we were out so late.

Although I had my flashlight with me, the moon was bright enough to walk by, and we chose not to drain the flashlight batteries. Thankfully, the forest trail was wide and the city lights were easily visible in the distance.

But I did have to quickly pull out my flashlight once. While we were hiking back, suddenly four enormous shepherd dogs struck out of the bushes and came galloping toward us like beasts, snapping their jaws. Each moment that passed brought us closer and closer to getting torn apart by these bear- sized, werewolf-dogs. Thankfully, I was able to quickly and easily switch to the flashlight's strobe mode. The dogs suddenly froze in place and became very quiet. My friend and I were in disbelief. I then told my friend to throw as many rocks as possible toward the dogs, and I began to shout - partially from fear, but also as an intuitive defense technique. The wild dogs then, to our amazement, withdrew and stood in the far bushes like scouts, watching the bright, rock-throwing "sparkling star" pass by them.

Thankfully, we passed by them unharmed. When we got far enough away from them, I switched the light off and we continued our descent in the moonlit landscape. Our hearts in our mouth, our thoughts on escape, we didn't dare running.

When we were about a half-kilometer from the city, we shouted and cheered from excitement - we escaped harmless and victorious!

Thank you guys, your flashlights are much more than just a source of light.

Andrew, 25

Do you have a story about how your flashlight came to the rescue? Email us at info@4Sevens.com and tell us about it.

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