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4Sevens - Redefining the Flashlight Newsletter June 19 2009
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We're proud to be able to offer our own lights - designed in the USA, and supported fully by our team in the USA! As many of you know, the Quark series has just been launched: truly, a flashlight series for the people, by the people, and of the people.

In fact, the people have already spoken about these powerful little lights - see some of the top reviews below:

Review by HKJ (Translated from Danish!)
Review by UnknownVT on CPF
Review by csshih on CPF
Pre-order Quark Tactical
Announcing the next variation in the series - the Tactical Quark lights are ready for pre-order! Learn more about how to operate these lights through this video: Quark Tactical Demo on YouTube
"..Spotted our first cougar while running dogs last week - don't think I would have seen the eye shine from 300 feet away with my old halogen...I was able to figure out exactly what was following us on a bluff 100+ feet above. It turned into a slightly tense situation while trying to get Ms. Big Kitty moving on!" -- M.C.

Some flashlights get all the fun
In times that try men's souls, we can still celebrate the work AND play that keep us going. We've been doing all kinds of crazy things with the world's top flashlights over the years - sometimes at work, sometimes in emergencies, and sometimes, well, just because we could.

So for the 4th of July (always a big light show), we'd be honored to publish YOUR flashlight stories! Send your crazy stories, photos, or videos of flashlight use in work and play to this email: 4Sevensfireworks@4Sevens.com

Send in your stuff by July 4 2009, and we'll publish you in our online gallery. If you still need to be fired up...

Let's make it a CONTEST!

We'll have a prize for the most entertaining stories we get from all our flashoholics. 1st and 2nd prizes will be announced on this page: www.4Sevens.com/fireworks09. You can also submit your stories to that web page until July 4th. We'll announce the winners on July 7th!
Exhibit A: Good old fashioned T1 abuse.
Exhibit A: T1 abuse

Exhibit B: the Quark handgrip means never having to lose your toddler in the dark.
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